Clemson began fall camp practices on Friday.

Fall Camp Insider: Tigers enter the field, impressive in the first practices

Clemson began fall camp practices Friday.


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CLEMSON – It’s more like that.

Clemson returned to the training grounds behind the Reeves Complex on Friday afternoon, the first practice of fall camp. Times hovered in the mid-90s, but the sky was a brilliant blue, the grass was a deep green, and the Tigers looked more like the Tigers we’re used to seeing than at any point in time. last season.

We were allowed to watch the first seven (and part of an eighth) training period, and while it was just helmets and shorts, we have a few notes to pass on.

I’ll start with the appearance of this team – this team resembles teams from a few years ago in terms of athletic ability and size. So many players were injured last season, yes, but this group looks like a great team. From defensive line to offensive line to running backs and linebackers, it’s an impressive group. Yes, just shorts, no direct contact. But this group looks more like the group of 2018 than any team since.

Center Ryan Linthicum looks the best he’s looked since he’s been here (something Swinney mentioned in his press conference), and Dietrick Pennington he doesn’t look like he weighs 360 pounds. I was told his body fat percentage was below 20%.

Another who stood out – from the start – was the linebacker Trenton Simpson. One of the first drills led by defensive linebackers coach/coordinator Wesley Goodwin had backers lined up with their hands in the dirt, then snapped off the snap, simulating the arrival at quarterback. Simpson, who checked in at 240 pounds on Thursday, was explosive. This whole group of linebackers will have you sitting up and taking notice.

*It wasn’t great – Swinney mentioned he had questions about the punter on Friday, and during the time we were allowed to watch, none of the punters stood out.

*The Atlanta Falcons were accompanied by a scout.

*While entering, I passed Georgetown Lorenzo Bromel, who played at Clemson. The defensive end played for the Dolphins and Vikings, Raiders and Giants, and is remembered for breaking Peyton Manning’s jaw in 2001. He was in town and toured the facilities.

*The team’s first offensive line was, from left to right, Jordan McFadden, Marcus Tate, Does Putnam, Bryn Tuckerand Parks for walkers. The second team during the tempo periods consisted of Tristan Leigh, John Williams, Trent Howard, Michael Mayesand Blake Miller.

*Punt returns were Fine Collins, Will Shipley, Ham Greene, Drew Swinney, Starry Troyand Antonio Williams.

*Swinney has spent time with wide receivers, as well as Tyler Grisham, teaching “the best move in football”, which was a line-out technique. The receivers started the drill with their hands behind their backs, footwork being key.

*Starting wide receivers were Brannon Spector, Joseph Ngataand Beaux Collins. Jake Bringingstool ran first at the tight end.

*Strategist DJ Uiagalelei ran at full speed from the indoor facility to the training grounds and then ran at full speed between exercises. You can tell he moves better without the extra weight and all the braces. Backup Cade Klubnik was impressive in the passing drills, and it’s obvious he feels more comfortable with the attack.

*Watched the defensive line for a few minutes – you will always be impressed by guys like Bryan Bresee and Myles Murphybut it is obvious that young players like Payton page and Williams Tree are ready to take the next step. Williams has toned her body and looks explosive.

*There were 17 members of the Dabo Swinney Fantastic camp all access close at hand. All 17 pay $10,000 each for access to workouts and meetings. Proceeds are donated to the All In Foundation. In the past, members played soccer, but this has changed to an all-inclusive event.

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